Sidewalk Hustle (Tristan Banning & Hawley Dunbar)

Sidewalk Hustle was launched in 2007, at first as a weekly podcast morphing into a daily blog in 2008 saturated with local music coverage, fashion news, and culture.


Today, Sidewalk Hustle navigates through the masses of music, fashion, art, design, and lifestyle, hand picking the very best culturally relevant content. Sidewalk Hustle’s daily news blurs the lines between music and fashion, highlighted by original fashion editorials, monthly mixtapes, show reviews, and feature interviews on Hustle TV, an online video series dedicated to telling compelling, stylized stories about both music and fashion.


Sidewalk Hustle has been in Paper Magazine, Toronto Life, Flare Magazine, Marie Claire, Toronto Star, Fashion Magazine, The Globe & Mail, and more.


One of the world’s 100 most influential music blogs according to Style of Sound. Listed in CBC‘s list of ‘Canadian music blogs you need to be reading’.


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